Harmful influence of bleaching products on Social Media Platforms

Bleaching creams and soaps are everywhere. It is no surprise that the demand for these products is on the rise. The effect of bleaching products cannot be over-emphasized. Also, individuals using these products are at a very high risk of destroying their lives. Let’s not forget how important is it for celebrities, especially those who work on camera daily: TV hosts, actors, singers, and bloggers. They use it very often in their work. The quality of the product is essential. After all, how they look directly helps earn money and popularity.


When things were still normal, bleaching substances in the form of soaps and creams were mostly found in the marketplace. Therefore, it was pretty challenging to find them online. But now things have changed. Presently, it is straightforward to get these bleaching products online. To make things worse, most of these individuals promoting these products are not skin doctors and therefore do not have the right to encourage such bleaching items.


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Contributions from health professionals

Healthcare professionals and dermatologists have mentioned that social media sites are the leading promoters of such bleaching products. It was also said that these social media sites have become the market for such products. A reputable and well-known skin doctor mentioned how several individuals have been treated due to the harmful effects of bleaching products. A lot of ladies are victims of these bleaching products. Most of them assume that they look rich when they bleach their skin.

A scientist from the University of Harvard who is into the research of skin problems and the effects of bleaching has mentioned that it has a dangerous effect on the skin. It was mentioned that most bleaching creams contain mercury. Mercury is a hazardous substance that can destroy the pigmentation of the skin.

Three things to do if you use a bleaching cream with mercury:
  • If you have been utilizing a bleaching product that you suspect contains mercury, you should cease applying it immediately. It’s a fact of life that your body will eventually cleanse itself of mercury.
  • The item should not be disposed of in the garbage. If it contains mercury, it poses a risk to other people if released into the atmosphere.
  • Take the item to a location designated for the disposal of domestic hazardous garbage.
Celebrity influence

A significant number of people are inspired to lighten their skin because of the example set by celebrities and other public figures that do so. On the other hand, these public figures, including celebrities and influencers, are not entirely to blame for it. The majority of these famous people have been duped into promoting chemicals that are damaging to their skin, and this is the root source of the problem. A great example is actress Megan Good. She is under some serious scrutiny over an allegedly skin bleaching.

Megan Good, actress, bleaching
Actress Megan Good is under some serious scrutiny over allegedly skin bleaching.

Live broadcasters on specific Chinese platforms and sites have encouraged their audiences to lighten their complexion. On the other hand, popular influencers have advised their fans to bleach their skin and become lighter. In addition, famous individuals on social media platforms like Instagram use their influence to inspire their followers. Also, don’t forget to develop an effective social media marketing strategy.

The well-known manufacturers of these bleaching treatments often claim that their goods do not include hazardous effects or ingredients and that it is perfectly safe to use them. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. Therefore, consumers need to investigate the manufacturing process of bleaching soaps and creams before purchasing these items.

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