Biography and best tracks of DJ Chris Luno

Who is Chris Luno?

DJ Chris Luno is a brilliant DJ and Producer currently making waves on YouTube. He is based in Munich but comes from a small town close to Mainz in west-central Germany.

Although his music is classified under the dance and electronic genre, he works with all kinds of music. His ability to bring out excellence in many genres sets him apart. It is the reason for the wide acceptance of his craft.

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At the beginning of his career, he worked with Tube & Berger. The German duo has had an enormous impact on his career. He was able to learn from them and incorporate his talent during studio sessions. They are still very much in touch as he continues to work for their labels, Kittball and ZEHN. Additionally, he found lots of inspiration in Motor City Drum Ensemble. The Stuttgart-based DJ inspired Chris to learn to play the vinyl. The Best-Selling Vinyl Albums in the US in 2022, ranked.

His career has seen tremendous growth since his first track, “Friday Original Mix,” in 2019. After three years and numerous releases, his works have seen millions of attention on YouTube.

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How did Chris Luno get famous?

Chris began his career in Mainz, where he first played. He built on this performance by entertaining people at events during his schooling days in the Netherlands. These activities motivated him to take a step further and intern with the great duo Tube & Berger. He still works with their record labels, Kittball and ZEHN Records.

His career saw an uptrend from this point. Within a short period, he improved his skills and took production and DJing to the next level. His works are the life of every occasion, whether a party or any gathering. He publishes his tracks on YouTube, where he has gained more fans as well.

TOP 10 best Chris Luno tracks

The table below contains the best DJ Chris Luno tracks on YouTube.



House and deep house classics vinyl mix

Sunrise House Mix

Highway House Mix

Groovy house mix in a Berlin park

Pool party house mix

Deep house sunrise mix

Bali vibes melodic house mix

Berlin rooftop melodic house mix

Groovy house mix on a boat

Berlin office vinyl house mix

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How do you get the same popularity as Chris Luno?

Here are some tips for if you want this popularity

  • Improve your skills

  • Learn from and work with big stars

  • Attend events and show your talent.

  • Make optimal use of YouTube!

The career of DJ Chris Luno has been on a great path. Your career can also take this path if you are determined and follow our recommendations.


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