This article will give tips on obtaining and securing your audience with specific guidelines and techniques that will ensure your audience and keep them listening!


The reason why targeting the audience is necessary

Imagine making a song you thought was outstanding and then playing it for your friends and family, and everyone hates it? Imagine spending hours in the studio recording a track that you know for sure is a hit, but no one will buy it? These are all things against music creators and can sometimes discourage a great artist from releasing a hit record. Considering your audience when making music is an essential part of the songwriting process. Music listens to daily by people all over the world, and it is your job as a musician to capture their attention and keep it. Targeting your audience is so important because you’re ultimately selling your music to an AUDIENCE!

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Tip 1. Choose your genre

The first tip in targeting your desired audience is figuring out what audience you’re making music for or choosing your music genre. This is vital and should be the first step before you begin to create. Music genres include Pop, R&B, Rap/Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Rock & Roll the list goes on. This is only a difficult task for artists if they can make music in different genres. Even now, Rap is becoming a powerful form of protest in India.

This is very common, especially today. Many artists have one or more genres they enjoy. However, until your audience is confirmed, try to stick to one unless you’re good at both. Once you’ve chosen your genre, you can begin creating your song. But, again, always keep your audience in mind from the start to finish the entire song-making process because you want to make music that other people will listen to.

Tip 2. Choose a relatable topic

The next tip for targeting a valued audience is choosing a relatable topic. People love to listen to music they can relate to. People choose the music they want to hear according to what they’re going through in life. If someone is happy, they tend to play happy music. If someone is sad or upset, they tend to play slower, more calming music. You may have some listeners who choose to hear loud Rock when they get sore. It really depends on the person.

When you’re creating your song, however, you want to ensure that your topic is specific and can be identified easily. Whatever your music is about, make sure that someone has been through it before or is expected. Because music can help some people even to heal from a mental health crisis or depression. You can write about countless topics in a song that people go through in life. When people listen to music, nothing else matters except the song they’re hearing, and you want to make sure that when they get to your track, they hit replay.

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Tip 3. Listen to other artists’ music before starting your own

Another great tip to target valued audiences is to listen to other artists’ music before starting any music writing project. Not just any artist, go to the top 5 billboard chart-winning songs from your genre and start listening from there. This helps you, the creator, in many ways. It gives you great examples of the work of other successful songwriters, it helps keep your songwriting relevant, and in many ways, it can inspire you for your own project. Listening to the work of other great songwriters is monumental in the creating process of song-making. Music evolves daily, and it’s your due diligence as a musician to keep up with current and popular music styles for new ideas for your writing. Listening to other great music will do just this. And if nothing else, It will give you inspiration!

Tip 4. Essential to have a high-quality recording of your song

This article will give tips on obtaining and securing your audience. The last piece of advice to provide to target your audience is to have a high-quality recording of your song. Why is this important? Because you want your audience to repeat your music, not skip it for poor quality. Recording good quality music is not easy for everyone, and the last thing you want is for your audience to hear what a difficult time you’re having. Yes, you can listen to the difficulty in your voice. Don’t get it wrong, some artists express their pain in their vocals because it reflects how they want the song interpreted. You may also need to know some online music tools for producers.

For example, they’ll sing in a way you can hear the pain in the words they’re saying, but their vocals are beautiful. That’s different. Or when someone is rapping about a rough childhood or a life experience, you can hear the pain in their voice. That’s different. That’s deliberate. What you want to stay away from is any involuntary vocal struggle. Overall you want the best sound possible. Making sure your song has a high-quality sound will give it a better chance to make it worldwide.


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These are just some tips that can help you target audiences of all kinds. Whether you utilize these or not, you have to have some type of game plan to get listeners’ attention. Good music with good intentions equals a valued audience!


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