Tips and tricks to increase Spotify streams in 2022

Since its launch in 2007, Spotify has become a popular forum for emerging musicians hoping to make their mark in the music industry. An artist’s success in the music business is greatly aided by having numerous Spotify streams since it is one of the best channels for promoting new songs. Musicians in the early stages of their careers have a natural desire to learn how to increase their Spotify exposure and fan base.

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Increasing the number of Spotify “fake streams” may require some effort. You may, however, quickly increase the number of people who hear your music by taking the proper measures and making the appropriate strategies. You may increase your exposure on Spotify by increasing your number of Spotify streams.

Tips on how to increase your Spotify streams

So, you’ve decided to further your musical endeavors. Finally, your song appeared on Spotify and other streaming services after you created an amazing playlist. It’s a shame that it’s not receiving more notice. Spotify is launching individual buttons for shuffle and play for Spotify premium users so it’s simpler to choose the way you listen.

As a result, you’re probably thinking about how to acquire more legal Spotify streams today. Unfortunately, that’s more common than you may imagine. Please don’t be alarmed; you’re not alone. Getting your music heard on Spotify might be a challenge, but with a little preparation, you can succeed. Listed below are several ways you can increase your Spotify streams.

Take control of your artist account on Spotify

To increase the number of streams you get, you need to create a Spotify for Musicians profile and claim your account on the service. It is critical for musicians to have access to Spotify’s backend and make full use of the offered capabilities.

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Learn to be patient

Do not rush into anything. Take your time and think things through. There is no doubt that you’re ecstatic and eager to share your music with the world. On the other hand, you do not want to be let down. It might take two, three, or four weeks to finalize the blend. Make use of the extra time to develop a plan, generate social media content, and get traction. Your new song requires patience to succeed if you’re feeling discouraged, saddened, and upset because of the lack of interest it’s received. 

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Release the entire playlist instead of just one song

When you devote all of your time, effort, and resources to marketing a single song, you can expect your audience to disperse quickly. Instead of promoting a particular piece, why not create a Spotify compilation of your best work?

You don’t want everyone going to your Spotify profile or a particular release; instead, direct them to a playlist of all of your songs. They’re far more inclined to listen to 2 or 3 if they’ve already listened to 1, so you may quickly get twice as many streams from a single individual. We recommend thinking about the future of streaming services now. 


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Produce Music Specifically for Listening on Spotify

It’s difficult to get included in the most prominent Spotify playlists. In addition to Spotify’s editorial staff, playlist editors and big record companies are also responsible for curating the playlists. Therefore, try making songs meant for a particular playlist on Spotify, the company is reorganizing its app to better separate podcasts and music.

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