Lil Durk and Kanye West Got Featured In Cardi B’s Recent Track, “Hot Shit”

Bet It,” released in 2021, was Cardi B’s last single. She teamed up with Lil Durk and Kanye West for her recent track, “Hot Shit,” and production of Tay Keith. Recently, Zane Lowe interviewed the rapper concerning the track on Apple Music 1. The artist initially did the track’s recording in 2019. She did the “WAP” recording a little later after “Hot Shit.”

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West’s involvement in “Hot Shit”

Cardi B disclosed West’s input in producing the new track during the Apple Music interview. Apple Music’s spatial audio is changing the way people listen to music. The rapper explained that Kanye gave her his verse when he went viral on the media. His contribution took place two months before the interview. Cardi stated that Kanye’s verse was supposed to be personal. However, the reverse is the case as clubs play the music.

Cardi B described Kanye West as a wonderful person. The artist said she had often interacted with him and is glad he contributed to her music. She wished that people would interact more with West to discover his real personality.

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The rise to stardom

Born Belcalis Almanzar, the artist grew up in a South Bronx neighborhood. She lost her cashier job at 19. Then, Cardi started stripping at local strip clubs. She later moved to Manhattan’s lucrative spots. Cardi achieved financial independence during her four years of stripping. Her shoot to fame started with her widespread clips on social media platforms.

Cardi B uploaded funny 6-second videos of erotic one-liners. Her social network accounts have posted on men and sex. Initially, her online content attracted about three thousand followers on these platforms, including strip club regulars. Later, the rapper quit stripping. The Instagram influencer then started organizing club events.

Fortunately, her popularity on Instagram got her starred in Love & Hip Hop: New York broadcasted on VH1. If you want to succeed on Instagram like Cardi, then develop an effective social media marketing strategy. Her witty remark during the show inspired “Foreva,” Cardi’s first mixtape. When she left the show, Cardi worked towards achieving a successful music career. She had a handful of singles and remixes to her credit. Cardi’s first full-length mixtape was dropped in 2016. Despite starring in a couple of the show’s seasons, Cardi is its legend.

Her first single, “Bodak Yellow,” released in 2017, was a hit. It topped charts and brought her into the limelight. Later, it ranked first on Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Cardi is the second female artist whose solo track topped the chart. Lauryn Hill achieved the same feat in 1998 with her song, “Doo-Wop (That Thing).

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Anticipating a new album

Cardi B disclosed that she has a soon-to-be-released. She will put together her album after her next new release. Since the 2021 release of “Bet It,” “Hot Shit” is another single with Cardi as the lead artist. After the launch of “Bet It,” the artist got featured in SZA and Summer Walker’s “No Love’s” extended version. SZA drops previously unreleased songs on the “Ctrl Deluxe” edition.

A video accompanied the music production’s launch. Cardi B also worked with other Bronx rappers, Dougie B and Kay Flock, to produce their song “Shake It.” The female rapper is working towards releasing great and entertaining music content for her fans.


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