BLACKPINK Reveals New Release And Extensive World Tour

BLACKPINK recently publicized their comeback. They will drop the anticipated album in August. It is their first music production since October 2020’s “The Album.” Their latest album’s recording is in its final stage, while its music video filming will take place in July. The music group members haven’t jointly produced music for nearly two years. However, Lisa and Rosé separately completed solo projects. They dropped songs that got to the Billboard charts and others across the globe.

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Recent Developments

BLACKPINK also disclosed plans to travel around the world later in 2022. The tour will be their first time traveling together since it concluded its 2020 world tour. The music group wrapped up the “In Your Area” trip ahead of the COVID lockdowns. BLACKPINK’s agency established the recent developments.

YG Entertainment described BLACKPINK’s upcoming trip as the music group’s largest tour, stretching across the globe. BLACKPINK expects to improve the global relationship with fans during their world tour. Though the timelines for the trip haven’t been specified, it may sprawl to the year’s end. Likewise, there is no date for the new release, but it will be a great comeback for the music group.

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Released Albums

BLACKPINK first appeared with a single album, the 2016’s “Square One.” In 2020, they launched a full-length production, “The Album.” A live stream music event, “The Show,” held by the group in 2021, made “The Album” become popular. BLACKPINK broadcasted a live album alongside the concert.

Currently, you can stream the group’s “The Show” Live. The music event attracted a large live audience. “The Album” blended collaboration and BLACKPINK’s original songs. “How You Like That” is the music project’s hit track, while “Ice Cream” features Selena Gomez, who shines in the return of ‘Only Murders in the Building’.

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Life during the Absence from the Studio

Fans are interested in the activities of BLACKPINK members during the group’s break from music. Rosé and Lisa dropped their first solo albums. The tracks were a big success. The group’s fans were excited about their releases. Jennie created fashion lines while Jisoo had her first acting role. She starred in Snowdrop, a Korean drama. What’s your favorite BLACKPINK music video? Vote!

Lisa’s song, “Money,” went viral online and gained a U.S radio play. Subsequently, the track made it to the Hot 100 hit tracks. BLACKPINK comeback single may be the group’s biggest hit if it becomes viral, just like “Money.” The group can apply the unique strategies that led to the virality of the music to their comeback project.


The Much-awaited Album

Previously, BLACKPINK’s comeback was rumored in April. However, their agency shot it down. YG established that the girl group is working on a music project but debunked the rumor of it getting released soon. Jennie also mentioned the group’s comeback last March on a YouTube channel, the Gate Caterers. The group didn’t disclose the number of songs in the soon-to-be-released album. Tips on targeting valued audiences.

Jisoo has revealed that she isn’t sure about pursuing a solo music career. She hasn’t decided to produce music without the group. Rosé has described the group members as family. She revealed that they grew up together and expressed her wish for the group to continue.

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