A review of the latest single of Max Pope ‘Automatic’produced by Tom Misch

A 26 years old English musician from South London has just released a new single “Automatic” produced by and collaborated with Tom Misch.

An easy-listening track, soft funky grooves and a simply catchy melody keeps “Automatic” being played on repeat many times. 

Last year Max stopped making music while looking for his new style and focused on gardening, which was one of his hobbies and eventually came up with a new EP. 

Inspired by Tom Misch jazzy influences and nature the song has a light upbeat and summer vibrations.


Tom commented on his page while working on Max’s song: “Working on Automatic with Max was a lot of fun.. I enjoy producing for other people sometimes and I think Max has a very unique voice and style… We’ve found some common ground influence wise and we channelled some of that in this track. It’s also good to hear Max singing in that lower register because it sounds great!”


Although Max is mostly famous by making covers of famous singers like Bryson Tiller, Lily Wayne, and NipseyHussle and by posting them on his own youtube channel, the singer-songwriter had already recorded 4 albums till now. He has been collaborating with some actual producers and artists. 

Some of his popular songs on Soundcloud are Just friends, 6 AM, and All That I Need.

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