Top Essential Tips on How to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most famous platforms to publish, share, and promote music. It has become a platform that combines musicians from all over the world. And today, SoundCloud has more than 170 million users. It gives an opportunity to share your music with people and gain a fanbase. Here you will find a guide of all the useful tips, which will help you to promote your music on SoundCloud. 


There are different options for accounts on SoundCloud. You can get both free and paid accounts. Of course, a paid account gives more benefits than the one which is free. For example, if you have a SoundCloud Pro account, you can upload more than 3 hours of music. Also, there are other features, such as analytics and different useful tools. You can learn a lot about your audience and get insights about them. In the beginning, pay attention to choosing the right account. It is the first step to promote your music on SoundCloud. 


The appearance of your account is the first thing that will catch the eye of the audience. It is what the user sees first. Choose a unique and individualized name. Your name should not be difficult for people to remember, but also it must help you to stand out. It is also crucial to pick a professional picture of your profile. The users will perceive you as a serious musician when they see how professional your account is. As a header image, you can use a picture that tells certain information. For example, if you have new music or an album, you can put the cover of the album or the name of the song. 


Before starting anything, you have to set your goals and understand what you need from SoundCloud. Define the type of music that you are going to publish, the segment, etc. If you clearly understand your needs and have a plan, then it will be easier for you to attract people. 

Hence you will save your resources and get the most out of it. 


One of the main aspects of promoting your music on SoundCloud is to create high-quality music. There are so many people who value music, and for them, the quality of it is in the first place. Today, many people create music, but not everything is good and worth listening to. You should stand out and show that you are not only talented but also with taste. And don’t lose your quality. If the users like one song, they will want to continue listening to your creations. 


Visuals are very important in music. When you are creating a certain type of music, try to make a cover that represents it the best. Try to get creative with it, but also keep it simple. People remember images, and it will help you to promote your music on SoundCloud. You can make cover art by yourself. Or if you don’t have the special skills or time for making a magnificent cover, don’t worry. You can always hire someone professional who can help you.  


You should share your music as much as you can if you want to gain a fanbase. Create accounts on other platforms as well. Because there may be people who don’t have a SoundCloud account, but they have Instagram, for instance. In bios of your accounts, add the links of your other accounts, so users can easily find them. The key part is to engage people and create interesting content on every platform. 


In the 21st century, networking is one of the crucial parts of becoming successful. It can open many doors and create interesting opportunities. When you find someone on SoundCloud who makes similar music, try to connect with them. You can follow them, comment on their music, leave feedback, etc. In addition to this answer those musicians who reach to you. Be open, and you will notice how step-by-step it becomes effortless for you to promote your music on SoundCloud. 


The music that you create should be the primary content. But fans usually want to see more than that. For example, if you like someone else’s music, feel free to share it. They may also want to share your music and hence promote it. In addition to this, you may interest other musicians’ fans. And don’t forget that this may result in interesting collaborations in the future. 


SoundCloud has this great tool, by which your fans can buy your music. So if someone appreciates your music, they can directly buy it from SoundCloud. In this way, your fans may show their support to you.


We hope very much that these tips will be helpful for you on your journey on SoundCloud. At first, it is normal to have many questions, but as time passes, you will get used to everything. Don’t stop learning, be active, create quality music, and you’ll become a master in promoting music on SoundCloud.