Online Music Marketing Is The Answer: Effective Strategies for Musicians

In today’s digital world it’s not enough for musicians only to create excellent music. In a matter of fact, quality songs are not guaranteed for success. We all know at least one very popular artist but the music he/she performs is far behind their popularity. Why’s that?

We don’t speak about Sony or Universal Managers discovering new talents. Today’s marketing is live and viral thanks to the internet. With smart use of its tools and ideas, anyone can represent themselves to audience. We’re all witnesses to how digitization changed world. From private lives to major industries. On a global scale by one click, we’ve have first-hand infos. With music industry evolved in many ways, it is same. From new genres to distribution to fans.

At the start of viral marketing, shows like I Got Talent, X-Factor, or American Idol showed success. But, they  had one big minus compared to way artists brand themself today. Time! It took months for a musician to connect with fans. In these Tv shows, artists will perform one song and have a chance to describe themself in a few sentences.

In digital music marketing chances to advertise are countless. The emergence of apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, or Deezer has opened a new era for music. Also, social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube had a major role in this change.


Solo Artists, Bands, MC or DJ. Do not doubt you’ll need to promote independently at the beginning. But do not let this scare you up. Madonna and Michael Jackson’s period when they were shining stars are long gone. You don’t need Warner or Sony to promote you. At least not in the beginning. Era of social networks, apps, and music platforms is here. 

Make a brand from yourself. If you establish social media presence in right way, there’s a chance you’ll become next Youngblood.

But, only posting your new beats to Spotify or Deezer will not get you anywhere if there’s no one to hear. 

Networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are excellent tools to gain followers. Having thousands or targeted followers doesn’t matter.

If you wonder how-to, here are few tips for successful social network presence. 

Involve yourselves in conversations about genres your music belongs.

Post, post, and post. Your fans want to know your stories. From everyday life to career steps you may take just now.

Networking with other artists is a surplus. Especially within the same genre. 

Photos, videos from private life, or set’s from studios. Everyone likes insider stories. And networks are not all. Luckily there are more weapons to your goal.

EPK or official site where you’ll present:

  • BIO;
  • Photos and Videos;
  • New reales;
  • Linked Social Networks;
  • Linked Streaming platform profiles;
  • Blog posts;
  • Connection to your presence on Tv, News, Podcasts, etc…

Create an Email list. It is illusion these tools were good only for companies or random Nigerian generous prince. You could also make promotions via email for your tours, gigs, ticket, or branded material sales.

There’s more, check 

Blog post. If they’ve worked for companies like Virgin Airlines, Whole Foods, or stars like Lily Alen and Ed Sheeran, they’ll work for you. Ditto Music or Hypebot, it is illusional. Presence is only that matter.

 Pitching music to streaming platforms and placing them to curated playlist.

This is best way for organic flow of your creation. And, without organic flow chances you’ll grow a brand or become a star are zero. Ok, a bit above zero in Fahrenheit, not Celsius. But not everything will stay so cold.

There is one more digital opportunity for you.

Music promotion companies and platforms, like K-tube

Their tactics and plans in-particular showed most effective. And they’ll do anything from above. As well as teaching you how to do it in the future. Although sounds too good to be true ( sometimes it is ) you’ll need to do a lot of research before deciding for one. Not all offer organic flow, real users and subscribers nor all streaming platforms.

Being informed about services you’ll go for is half of success. 


A musician without popularity can compare to a supercar without the engine. A pretty thing to see but useless in its core. Creating a fan base on Youtube or Spotify, with organic real followers is key for success. Bot subscribers don’t bring income. Also, bots will not share your music with friends, families, or networks. Going viral defined Endy Warhol theory of 15 minutes of popularity for everyone. Real, organic followers on streaming platforms extend those 15 minutes to years. You, as an artist, need to recon this fact and be ready to invest in real online profiles. 

Whatever choice for music promotion service you’ll apply for, money and time tied up in investment will pay off. Proves are all over the internet. Yours is only to be creative, productive, and positive. Rest is on us, laid back, and enjoy a ride to the stars.


Internet created an evolution in everyday life. Music took her part in evolution too.

Today industry shifted to a world where downloading music as we knew  looks like ancient past.

Streaming services are one to blame. But shall we blame or applaud?

If you’ll ask this question Drake, or Post Malone, they will clap for days.

Drake reached a billion plays on streaming platforms. While Post Malone finds his foundation in one of them.

Emergence  of services like Apple Music or Spotify, not only created stars but also new genres.

Not too long ago SoundCloud gave birth to Mumble Rap and Emo Rap.

Last year  in USA only, apps streamed 1 150 Billion songs. Making it clear point how services help artists to build online presence.

Subscribers streaming services had in April 2020 passed nine zeros.


Everything starts with a question. If you have one, you’re on a good path.

First you’ll wonder which streaming platform is best for you?

We’ll say any should be at your radar. 

But digital music marketing has its own “rockstars” and “supporting role” models. Best will be if an artist is present on all the services. Though coast of this decision is high, achievement musicians will reach is priceless.

In its core, streaming platform offers same or similar products.

It is crucial creator understands potential of services based on his creation. If you’re a new Rapper, Amazon will be a good choice but SoundCloud will give you more options. Or if you’re coming from regions not covered with Apple services, your success will not be at pace you want it.

Let us briefly guide you through streaming company tactics. 

  • Pitching. Your tracks will find a place in a specific playlist, curated to your genre.
  • Shares. Your music is listening anywhere.
  • Embedded players. Feature which guarantees artists get pay, even while played out of platforms.
  • Branding. Spotify logo next to your name everywhere on internet;
  • Promotions. New song old problem, how and where to show it to the world. 
  • Bring your people. Platforms encourage artists to invite their fans to service.

Spotify. Service that hits the spot. Ranked as major music changer in last decade. Service with more than 180 million users. From which 60 million pay for service. Or SoundCloud, “YouTube” of stream. With more than 175 million registered users. This app gave us chance to listen to YoungBlood. Rapper who was born on this app, indeed.

Or giants like , Apple MusicTidalDeezer, and Amazon Music.

K-tube is a music promotion company which connects artists with rockstars of streaming.  In our core is subordination to success of the little ones. We aim to create a star from anyone, only thing we’ll ask from you is talent. Rest is on us. 


Community management in music where one artist can lively interact with fans is a must. You’ll be speaking-hearing to fans in first person. Things couldn’t be better, right. Benefits of organic social offers except for being free include: 

campaigns, custom hashtags, branding free of charge. And most important part- direct interaction with your fans. Within community you create and throughout your campaigns or via personal profile. 

Have you known, Twitter+Facebook+Instagram+Youtube cumulative number of users is 4 billion daily! With new billion-dollar baby, Tik-Tok, number rises above 5 billion. 

For you as musician this means if fans miss you on Facebook don’t worry, you got three more options. And when you get notice on one network, fans will connect all your profiles. 

Music industry is one of most competitive. Having pristine profiles with optimized presence will show how determined to succeed artists are.

Now do not panic and creep around. There are some techniques and ideas that have proved to work. 

Let’s take a look at ones proven to work:

  • Optimization. Neat and tight profile on each network! This will show you fans you’re serious player in the game;
  • Embrace your Fans. Keeping them on short loop will trigger their interest and grow desire to share your art proudly to others. 
  • Connect each social network you have. Thus, you’ll find a way to connect your followers. Strong tool to improve community management.
  • Livestream. No matter what and no matter when. Live gigs, chat with fans. Interaction with other artists. Working in studio, buzzing around the city shopping it? Stream it. 
  • Keep posting often and with quality. Organize games for fans where they’ll win material or tickets. Involve them in creation.
  • Made Email list straight from social networks. Helpful for campaigns. 
  • Create fun-pages wherever possible, and make more from it using ads.
  • Never be boring. Make your content varied, but not too extreme. 
  • Etc… ( we’ll leave it blank, why ? )

Digital world is place fed with ideas, convenient/inconvenient. Success is for those who outrun the fear. Social networks welcome brave, out-of-box thinking individuals. Be among them. 

Blog Post Never Fading Light Throughout Marketing Tunneling

Why are blog posts still one of best promotional services? 

Considered for more professional usage, having your own blog could potentially earn you a blog at a reputable media house.

We speak about powerful media like CNNNew York Times, or Afterward, sky’s the limit. 

But as the birds need to grow before flying away, you’ll need to learn your path. 

Blog posts for musicians are special creations made for solo artists, bands, DJ’s or producers. 

Two important things before starting a blog would be good place for blogging and purpose of blog.

Streaming platforms shares is main resource of fans, we can’t bet on it. But fans want to know more about their favorite song. Some spicy facts. Story behind the lyrics. Blog jumps where even Facebook can’t go over and beyond. Also if your brand has official site, Blog will be a gathering point.

Blog post should include:

  1. Spiciness of who you are behind the scenes;
  2. Genres and other artist reviews;
  3. Themed posts ( use hashtags at all time );
  4. Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram videos. Private or professional;
  5. Live interaction, Q&A and online concerts;

Blogging showed as a masterpiece of promotion for DJs’. 

It is fair to say electronic music has slower starting position than Rap or Pop. Without words, it is hard to feel a DJ as fans will feel Biggie or Pac.

Blog communities like Resident Advisor, Billboard, or Hypebot helped countless DJs’ to brand, advertise&promote, networking, and collaborate with other DJs’, producers, and artists. 


We live in era of visuality. Today even minors can tell name of a brand from its visual trademark. Music doesn’t differ much. 

Although brand raw meaning represents imagery, logo, or tag line it is much more than that. 

All the way through history people had flags, symbols, and signs. Things that we’re using today. More than ever actually. 

Back then use was for identification of nations, royalties, tribes, etc. 

Or military orchestra badges. As it works for stiff bands as military orchestras, some 200 years ago, think about nowadays.

Digital world is reachable by one or two clicks. 

And there, logo in RollingStone style. 7 of 10 grannies in Cambodia will score to which brand logo belongs. 

Every artist would love to be ‘Stone, but many of those avoid trying. 

Fear of unknown or fear of distraction from music. Less confidence and trust it will work for them. 

These are some of reasons: 

  • In further text, our goal is to liberate those fears from you. You’ll find not only how to brand yourself. But also to pinpoint importance of branding, cos music is not enough to put you in spot of global brand.
  • Music alone unfortunately doesn’t have that power.
  • Visuality is lots easier to digest.
  • Bear in mind, good visual presentations need company of excellent promotional strategy. These two together are Bonnie and Clyde of marketing. 

 How To Market Yourself As A Music Brand?

Sounds like nuclear physic theory or a crump less hard. Where in fact it’s a simple and easy process. 

Internet in many niches has simple rules which if one follows, success is immense. 

Musicians’ branding has its own rules and steps. Some are more some are less steep. 

Let’s think about social networks. Excellent start-up platforms. 

Instagram-visual king of internet. Perfect spot to your sort of twisted E ( Eminem logo ), with a good tag line. Or text who’ll follow logo. Fans will start to search for your music.

But there is one tricky, little thing. Why do we take Eminem as an example? 

Having any logo is better than none. Wrong! Bad logos do more damage. 

Twisted E is simple, bold, catchy, intriguing, powerful… in one word-Eminem.

Tip 1– if music design is only creative thing you’ve good at, book  professional. And don’t cut coasts. Pay as much as it needs.


Well, just for second think about all brand material your fans would like to own.

Branding needs more than a logo.

Album covers. They are more than photos filling empty plastic space. Or content who says which band is under paper. They Are serious art. Countless exhibitions were organised over past decades hosting only album covers. One more way to showcase your brand.

Tip 2 – be consistent. Do not stir too much with colour pallets, styles, imageries, typography and composition.

Thus will create brand identity and speak story of brand.

Imagery is still topnotch scorer in visualisation.

Push your visuality using social networks. Create photoshoots that follow any steps you’re taking in your music career.

Tip 3 – recording a new song? Shootout photos from studio to your profile. Video for new single? Tickle fans curiosity with two, three screenshots from video on your instagram story.


Web streams around a million hours of music videos daily. 

You can already catch point of video promotion. 

Streaming is television from future of today. 

Being able to stream your favorite videos anywhere at any time, gives a modern-day person’s ability to entertain and still do things rather than sit on sofa in front of TV. 

But how and what musician will benefit streaming?

Global presence at first. Audience you’ll get will not come only from your town or country. Some dude in Mozambique will like your video. Then he’ll share with his Facebook. And in a matter of seconds, you’ll go viral in Africa.

Today everyone or almost everyone has a social network profile. Catch in this is next- today, networks use algorithms on each login to each user in which videos favor over text and music. 

What does this say? Your fans will at first run onto your videos, text and photos come after. Where videos speak stories louder than texts or photos.

Time and cost-savvy play a role here as well. Need to hire writer and photographer drop off. 

Let’s see which are best platforms for video promotion and how to use them?

Topics about videos need to start with Youtube without question

We’ve already spoken about branding and popularity YouTube has. Purposely we’re not dividing these two. Music promotion on this platform is strongest way for popularity and brand development. 

How? Simply, YouTube brings all principles together. Viral, music, imagery, fans engagement, and option to boost views and subscribers with investment. 

Amazon Media Platform and Amazon Prime Video

One step behind in video promotion plans for artists.

Amazon is place for shoppers, largest on internet. Anyone pressing enter is about to spend some cash. 

Make contribution to yourself from it.

Cool facts about Prime is, you could promote single videos or with a branded channel. Amazon Prime music comes in same package. Another cool fact, Amazon allows users to listen music while offline. Prime users have accessibility to more than 2 million songs. But with Unlimited Music, that number grows to 50 million. 

Claim rights, register like artists, and start making money+fanbase. With Amazon-On-Demand even CDs could sell.

Vimeo Cloud Space To Promote Your Music Videos 

Vimeo was always more artistic with his high-quality video experience than YouTube. Manifestly Vimeo has specific public. 

Quality against quantity, long-lasting doubt. We’ll say importance is same. 

Manifest your music brand in specific way with Vimeo, and you’ll be largely shared among defined audiences. 

Advantage Vimeo offers to artists are Vimeo Groups-curated Music video playlists. Very affordable Marketing plans-ranges from Pro to Premium, under the 100 bucks budget. Key-Influencers linking-where you’ll promote music through influencing sites or individuals. 


Now as you learned what digital music promotions are, let’s see what career growth awaits you. 

Music Marketing Companies were created with only one goal. To make a star of unknown talents. Simply spoken they grow as you grow. 

Investment in good PR should be considered as investment in a good instrument. Or like booking best studio. 

Marketers in today’s digital era hold, we’re not afraid to say, fifty percent of artist success. Another fifty is music quality.

Service will start from streaming promotion to social networks handling, and finally creating a brand. 

Once music brand is established you as musician will have to concentrate solely on music.

Branded musicians do not run after, instead, they get approached by record labels. 

Collaborations, festivals, TV shows, Podcasts-time would be missing things, not invites.

If you are brand and you hold good strategic points on market-best producers or video makers will want to work with you.

Monetization from streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, or Spotify is on focuses for music marketing specialists. 

Study, decide what plan or path you’ll take, and go for it. 

Remember, life in today’s digital era is a gift from God, rather than a small pond full of crocodiles.