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Voyager Studio is a state-of-the-art Pro Tools-HD recording studio providing high quality and diverse programming to the community. As a part of the Kirkland Teen Union Building, the Voyager Studio offers:


Are you beyond the music basics and wanting something more than playing solo jam sessions in the privacy of your room? Well, step up and get connected. Learn to play songs as a group with Open Jam Wednesdays. Reap the rewards of working together as a team to write and play a song or meet the music focused friends you need to form a band. In addition, every Thursday the studio will be open to bands to record their first demos for free.


No prior live sound experience is necessary to sign-up for a variety of hands-on, live sound workshops. From sound engineering to mixing, audio production to recording, spend an educational afternoon with our audio coordinator and get started on what could be the next best CD or a promising career in production.



Are you an aspiring recording artist looking to press your first album? We can help you with an EP, full album or help you get ready to shop that first demo. We also record music school auditions, voiceovers, drum tracks, transfer audio, or anything else you can think up. Freelance engineers welcome.



Our Sound Room is acoustically treated to sound great while accommodating a full band. Stop by and check-out the studio or download an equipment list.