art studio


Any time during KTUB's drop in hours, sign in to the art room and unleash your creative energy. Utilize this space as an open studio to create something amazing like a collage or mixed media masterpiece. Feel free to join our daily activity like jewelry making or graffiti art.


KTUB has a myriad of ongoing workshops and opportunities to find or refine your art sensibilities. Check up to date schedule for opportunities in fabric design, textiles, jewelry making, and fashion taught by artists, volunteers and staff.



Are you feeling L.A.M.B? Or maybe Volcum is more up your alley? Either way, it's time to be your own fashion designer and leave the others behind. Turn any computer generated or hand drawn image into a vibrant fashion statement. In a band? Come learn how to create your own merch to sell at shows. We'll walk you through prepping a screen, setting the image and making a design that will last longer than a Rolling Stone t-shirt from the Main Street on Exile Tour.



Just because digital is all the rage doesn't mean we should kick black and white photography to the curb. After all, it's an art form that that takes precision and skill. So we're keeping it alive by providing affordable access to processing chemicals and equipment. We also offer photo classes and mentorship opportunities. Now don't go feeling like KTUB is stuck in the "dark". In the world of digital photography, the KTUB dark room aims to combine modern technology techniques with the richness and quality possible with processing and printing your own film.